Jen’s Favorite Things

Hello to all my animal lovers.  I love talking pet nutrition and how to take the best care of all your pets – Cats, dogs, fish, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, reptiles and more. This page will let me pass on all the really cool stuff I find and help you keep loving on your family pets. Check in often.  Thank you for allowing be to be a part of your homes and community.  Love Jen-owner

I love to learn.  New innovative products are always waiting to be discovered.  We recently had a Pet Food Seminar for my staff on a great new product we now carry called  Farmina, while she was telling us all the amazing benefits it had she brought up her other passion dog rescue.  She uses Farmina N&D with pumpkin dog food on all her new rescues because there is no transition needed.  But here is another product she raves about Cannagurt from Steve’s Real Food.  There are three products in the line.  It is a goats milk that has different herbs infused in it.  All three are in a powder form and you just add water to rehydrate, then pour on food. Cannagurt has CBD oil that is found in hemp which helps to calm animals with anxiety, pets with epilepcy can benifit from it too. Liz, one of our employees, is currently using it on her anxious dog and its working!  DogNog, which I give to my allergy ridden Frenchie Lulu,  has turmeric in it which is an anti inflammatory for joints and skin inflammation.  The last is Cannaforage  it’s a super green smoothie that is perfect for dogs with digestive issues. The best part  is its in goats milk that is a Lactaid (dogs can digest it) and it has probiotics in to for good gut health. We are carrying all three and will have the refills in as needed.  Thank you and hope this helps.  Wags Jen

Hello everyone,

Noah and I have traveled far, or at least we think far, to find new, exciting and innovative pet products.  Can’t wait to bring in these products that will benefit your pets.  Wags Jen and my son Noah  6/21/17