Adopt Me

Since we have opened our doors at PSP, it has been one of our commitments to the community to support local animals in need. In addition to consistently donating to numerous local charities and causes, we have often hosted animal rescue groups at the store to help facilitate the adoption of homeless animals. If you visited us recently we have had kittens from Rocking Chair Feline Rescue & Adoption.

With our 3Cs in mind (Cost, Convenience, and Community), we are looking to open up our calendar to host more rescue group adoption days. The work that rescue groups do is incredible and selfless, and we are excited to help them provide permanent families for local homeless animals. Be sure to check our events calendar to learn when rescue groups, and their foster pets, will be in the store.

If you are a member of an animal rescue group, we need your help! We are now scheduling future adoption days at Pet Supply Port, and we would love to have you. Our customers have a high success rate for in-store adoptions since they already know what a commitment it is to have animal friends at home.